The Moroccan Art de Vivre
Every traveller remembers landscapes, monuments, enriching encounters and experiences from a holiday. Of all holiday memories, the one that leaves the greatest impression is the discovery of a new art de vivre and civilization : architecture, gastronomy, costumes and traditions are the elements that stay longest in the memory, recalling the journey to a different country.

An art de vivre is alive and cannot be the subject of a museum where collections generally seem to appear to the past, but the traveller’s encounter with the art de vivre of a country is necessary, indeed essential to discover, beyond the history and heritage in buildings of a civilization, its other dimensions and values.

A museum of the Moroccan art de vivre can act as a real mediator for living culture. Through such a place dedicated to culture, the visitor can discover the art of how a people live, whilst respecting their privacy.

A 19th century riad in the heart of the Medina of Marrakech, perfectly restored, will now be the home of a Museum of the Moroccan art de vivre.

With its permanent collections and temporary exhibitions devoted to the Moroccan art de vivre, this museum in Marrakech will endeavour to fill a gap on the cultural and tourist scene and will offer the city of Marrakech a place of living culture. Conferences, meetings and concerts will complete the programme of the museum.

The Museum of the Moroccan art de vivre of Marrakech will devote its inaugural exhibition to the Caftan, emblematic of the art of dressing in Morocco.

Contact : +212 6 51199405

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